USB-C™ Multi Adapter-HDMI™ / Ethernet / USB™ 3.1 / PD 3.0 / Memory Card Reader / Writer

USB Hubs

This pocket-sized multi-adapter provides all the ports you need for maximum productivity. It allows you to connect your laptop to a 4K monitor. It also connects to an ultrawide monitor. The USB-C™ multi-adapter gives you 2 USB™ Type-A ports for additional peripherals and 1 USB™ Type-A port with BC 1.2 to fast-charge your mobile device.

With USB-C™ Power Delivery 3.0, the adapter offers both upstream and downstream charging when connected to a USB-C™ power adapter. It also provides direct access to a wired network and to your SD™ & microSD™ memory cards

The JCD383 is perfect for small workspaces, home offices and for on-the-go!

Model JCD383
Color Silver
Specs Features
• 8 ports with 9 functions
• USB-C™ power delivery 3.0 provides charging power to the connected devices as well as data transfer
• Easily add a 4K HDMI™ video output
• Reliable network connectivity via the Gigabit Ethernet port
• 2 - USB™ Type-A with BC 1.2 to fast-charge your mobile devices
• USB™ 3.1 Gen 1 provides up to 5 Gbps transfer speed, which is 10x faster than USB™ 2.0
• Direct access to SD™ & microSD™ memory cards for data storage and transfer