USB-C™ Modular Multi-Adapter with 2 Kits

Docking Stations

The JCD375 USB-C™ Modular Mini Dock 9-in-1 provides extra connectivity for your USB-C™ computer; featuring video, data storage and charging all in one. It includes 2 small detachable adapters (modular kits) to add extra ports and features to your laptop.
This pocket-sized multi-adapter allows you to add an additional USB™ 10G computer peripheral and HDMI™ monitor through your computer’s USB-C™ port. It also provides two modular kits that add a gigabit Ethernet port and/or an SD™ 4.0 card reader. Each kit can work separately as a complete mini adapter or be connected to the main body for use together.

Model JCD375
Color White
Specs •The main body includes 6 outputs: • 1 x HDMI™ with resolutions up to 4K @ 30 Hz
• 3 x USB™ Type-A 3.1 Gen 2 ports support 10 Gbps of data transfer
• 1 x USB-C™ 3.1 Gen 2 port supports 10 Gbps
• 1 x USB-C™ with power delivery charging up to 100W

- 2 modular kits include:
• 1 x Gigabit Ethernet
• 1 x microSD™ & SD™ card reader 4.0 UHS-II 312 Mbps
• Upgrade your transfer speed: USB™ 3.1 Gen 2, 10 Gbps and SD™ 4.0 UHS-II 312 Mbps.
• Fast charging for phone: supports fast charging for iPhone®, Samsung® phones, and other USB™ devices.
• Right angle cable for your comfort: With an innovative 90-degree L-shaped design, it's more comfortable, sturdier and less hassle to connect to the side of your laptop or tablet.
• Each module can be used individually or as an extension kit to the main body of the dock.