USB-C™ to 4K HDMI™ Adapter

Display Adapters

The JCA153G USB-C™ to 4K HDMI™ Adapter allows you to quickly and easily connect your MacBook®, Chromebook™, tablet or PC to an external monitor, HDTV, projector, or other display device using an HDMI™ input.
Our display adapters keep your current display devices compatible with your USB-C™ equipped desktop or laptop, saving the expense of upgrading display devices for compatibility. With its plug-and-play technology, there is no need to download any drivers.
Once you’ve experienced working with multiple monitors you’ll never want to go back to a single monitor again.

Model JCA153G
Color White
Specs • HDMI™ Female Connector
• Easy-to-use cable
• 4K @ 30 Hz to 4K @ 60 Hz max resolution
• Compliant with HDMI™ 2.0 specifications - 4K @ 30 Hz to 4K @ 60 Hz
• Compatible with DisplayPort™ Mode over USB-C™
• Ideal accessory for MacBook®, Chromebook™, tablets, PC's or other laptops with a USB-C™ port
• USB-C™ Cable: 5.5 in./14.5cm
• Aluminum housing